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5 Cool Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Solar Power


Solar power is growing in popularity, but there’s still a lot to learn about how it works and the benefits it has for the environment. At Kosmos Solar, we’re passionate about helping homeowners and corporations reduce their energy footprint and embrace solar energy, so we’ve put together a list of five cool facts you might not know about solar power.

Solar Power Was Discovered Over 100 Years Ago

Solar power as we know it is a relatively new energy source, but its concept was discovered in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel. Alexandre made the conclusion that an electric current can be produced if a conductor was hit by the rays of the sun. Bell Laboratories invented the first photovoltaic cell in 1954 and put it on the market two years later, but each cell cost upwards of $300. Companies like Exon Mobile worked to lower the cost of solar energy and make it more accessible to consumers.

Solar Power Causes Almost No Pollution

The only pollution solar power creates is during production. The use of solar power to generate electricity doesn’t pollute the air at all. In fact, solar is one of the cleanest, most sustainable sources of energy in the world.

Solar Power Can Save You Hundreds (or Thousands) of Dollars

How much you can save on electricity with solar power depends on where you live, but it can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. After you make the initial investment, you’ll be able to lower your electricity costs or even eliminate them altogether. Aside from maintenance and repairs, solar power doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as conventional electricity. 

There Are Two Kinds of Solar Panels

We’ve all seen the iconic roof-mounted solar panels, but not everyone is familiar with the ground-mounted alternative. If your roof isn’t ideal for solar installation, you can opt for ground-mounted panels instead. Ground-mounted solar panels have their own benefits, like easier access for cleaning and the opportunity to install more panels. They might not look as pretty, but they’re a great option for homes with small or unideal roofs. 

Solar Energy Can Power Your Home 24/7

One of the biggest questions homeowners have about solar panels is how they’ll work at night or on cloudy days. Many companies are researching and improving solar storage, and there are many panels on the market that offer storage so you can be completely energy independent, even when the sun isn’t shining. The development of solar storage means more people won’t be able to resist switching to solar power for their homes. 

Make the Switch with Kosmos Solar

If you want to reduce or eliminate your electric bill and invest in eco-friendly renewable energy, it might be time to embrace the power of solar. Kosmos Solar offers ground-mounted and roof-mounted solar panel installations, all at a reasonable price. Our licensed solar panel technicians will inspect your roof and work with you to determine the best installation plan so you can become nearly or completely energy independent. Call or visit our website for a free quote today!

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