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5 Misconceptions About Solar Energy


If there’s a new technology, there are skeptics that spread false information and myths about it. Solar energy is no different, seeing as how there are many misconceptions among people which prevent them from making the most of this energy source. Let’s talk about some of those myths and look at the facts.
Solar Panels will not Pay Off
There is a myth that solar panels will not pay for themselves in the next 25 years. Seeing as how this is a big investment for most people, it’s normal to worry about the bottom line. However, depending on your initial costs and the size of your project, the panels could provide you with a return on investment immediately.
If you look into government incentives, four to six years could be enough for you to see your investment return completely. If you ever decide to sell your home, solar panels could increase your home’s value.
Solar Panels Might Damage your Home
People are sometimes afraid to install solar panels because they think this process might damage their roof. The truth is, the way these panels are made and installed has improved over the years. Opting for solar systems will not damage your roof, but protect it instead. If you turn to Kosmos Solar, there is nothing to worry about, we have plenty of experience installing solar panels.
Solar Panels Require lots of Maintenance
Another common myth about solar panels is that they require a lot of maintenance. In reality, they require very little maintenance. Most outlive the 25-year warranty they usually come with. There are no moving parts and they are designed to be durable. Inspecting and hosing them off once a year should be enough to keep them running smoothly. If there is any debris, you should remove it in order to protect the panels.
Solar panels are now being made with aesthetics in mind. They can be sleek and blend in with the roof. In addition, they can even be mounted on the ground.
Solar Panels Only Work in Warm Climates
People believe that solar panels will not work properly if used in a colder climate. Solar panels use the sun’s energy and not its temperature. Cold weather increases conductivity, this results in generating more electricity. So, if your area has plenty of sunshine, this is a great way to stay warm during the colder seasons.
My Home is not Right for Solar
Hardly any home is “perfect” for solar. Your roof doesn’t have to be brand new to install solar panels, either. As long as your roof has about 10-15 years of useful life left, it should be able to support solar panels. With the rising costs of fossil fuels, the value of a roof is growing.
Make the Switch with Kosmos Solar
Solar energy is a great way to reduce or eliminate your electric bill, do your part for the environment, and become nearly or completely energy independent. If you’ve chosen to make the switch to solar energy, do it right with Kosmos Solar.

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