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5 Myths About Solar Energy – Debunked


If you’ve been curious about solar energy but hesitant to try it because of the rumors you’ve heard, have no fear! Kosmos Solar is debunking five common misconceptions about solar energy. We understand that there is still a lot of misinformation about solar power out there. Some of it comes from the fossil fuel industry, and some myths get passed along by well-meaning people who want to save others from making a bad investment.

The truth is that there has never been a better time to switch to solar energy than now. Solar panels are more efficient than ever at turning sunlight into usable, renewable energy. They can increase the value of your home due to popular demand, and they can be configured to fit most roof sizes and shapes. New advances are being made and Tesla’s solar roofs are beginning to appear on private residences. Solar is a growing industry with no end in sight, and it’s a viable option for you right now.

Here are five of the most common myths about solar energy, debunked.\"solar

1). Solar Panels Don’t Work When It’s Cloudy

This is a long-standing myth that too many people still believe. While it is true that solar panels work most efficiently on bright, sunny days, they still work – albeit with less efficiency – when it’s overcast. Regardless of whether it’s cold or cloudy outside, solar panels will convert the sun’s rays into solar power, even if the clouds are blocking the sun from view. If cloudy conditions prevented solar panels from working, Germany would not be at the top of the solar power game like it currently is.

2). Solar Panels are High-Maintenance

While clouds won’t keep solar panels from working, a build-up of debris can prevent the sun’s rays from reaching their surface. Solar panels do require cleaning when they get dirty, but that doesn’t make them high maintenance. In fact, if you ever performed routine sweeping of debris from your roof, you already know what’s entailed in solar panel maintenance. Besides the cleaning, there is very little to do except make sure the cables aren’t coming loose.

3). The Savings Aren’t Worth the Hassle

Some people believe solar panels are a bad investment because they don’t save enough money to recoup their installation costs. While there is a substantial initial investment when you switch to solar energy, you will save enough money on your energy bills over the life of the solar panel system to make it worthwhile. When you generate excess power, it can be sent to the power grid in exchange for credits that can then be used to offset your energy bills. If you sell your home, it will likely fetch a higher price because of the solar panels.

4). Solar Panels Will Tear Up My Roof

Actually, the opposite is true. Solar panels act as a protective barrier over the part of the roof they cover. Any gaps are sealed tight and flashing is used in the panel mounts for extra protection. They are mounted on top of your roof, not attached to it, so they can easily be removed if your roof needs repairs. It is important to get your roof inspected before you get solar panels installed to make sure they aren’t mounted over damaged areas.

5). Excess Energy Goes to Waste

Many homeowners with solar panels generate more energy than they use. This energy does not simply vanish. Instead, it goes to the power grid to be stored for use at night or other times of low energy production. This is done via net metering. When your excess energy is sent to the grid, you get energy credits in return. When your system isn’t generating energy, you can draw on these credits to power your home.

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