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5 Ways to Improve Dallas Solar Panel Performance in Winter


The recent arctic blast left North Texans – and most of the nation – scrambling to keep warm in the wake of record-breaking low temperatures. If you have a solar panel array on your DFW home or business, you might be wondering if you need to do anything special to keep your panels working well when it’s freezing outside. Let’s look at the steps you can take to keep your solar panels churning out power on even the coldest days in the DFW Metroplex. Remember: your friends at Kosmos Solar are always happy to answer any questions you have about solar panel installation and maintenance, so if you don’t find your answer here, feel free to give us a call!

The good news is that solar panels are built to be low-maintenance year-round. Once they’ve been correctly installed, you don’t need to do much except occasionally clear them of dirt or debris if you feel their performance is suffering. This is true whether you have rooftop-mounted or ground-mounted solar panels.

Winter presents its own set of challenges. First, there are fewer hours of daylight to take advantage of. There is also the possibility that snow and ice will accumulate on your solar panels and block out the sun. You could also face higher energy usage if you’re trying to heat a poorly-insulated house or office building.

Fortunately, the Dallas area of North Texas doesn’t get a lot of snowfall to hinder the performance of solar panels. There are still several measures you can take to keep your panels running at high efficiency, even when the days are short and overcast.

1). Keep Them Clear of Ice and Debris

Icy buildup can obscure your solar panels, preventing them from receiving as much sunlight as possible. Most North Texas rooftop arrays won’t need help, but you might need to take a soft bristled brush and clear off ground-mounted panels ever so often. Watch for fallen limbs and branches that have collapsed under the weight of snow and ice and remove them from your panels as soon as possible.

2). Check the Angle of Your Solar Panels

The winter sun tilts at a slightly different angle, so your solar panels might need to be repositioned for maximum sun exposure. Call in a team of professionals like Kosmos Solar’s expert technicians to see if your panel tilt needs adjusting.

3). Practice Energy-Saving Measures

It’s a good idea to minimize your use of energy during the winter months. Use common-sense practices like installing energy-saving light bulbs and appliances; turning off lights when they’re not in use; unplugging electronics when you leave home; and using blankets and thermal garments to stay warm instead of cranking your heat up high.

4). Protect Your Home from Heat Loss

Your energy use won’t be efficient if your house is constantly losing heat due to poor insulation. Check to make sure there are no holes or gaps in your attic insulation. Add weather-stripping to drafty doors and windows. Use heavy draperies to block drafts and keep your rooms insulated against the outside chill. Have an HVAC tune-up to make sure your unit is clean and running properly.

5). Get a Professional Inspection

To be sure your solar panels are performing at their best, schedule an inspection with a solar energy expert. The team at Kosmos Solar will come and inspect your panel placement, positioning, wiring, and settings to make sure you’re getting the most energy from your investment. We are the most trusted name in Dallas solar energy because we take the time to make sure every little detail is correct.

Kosmos Solar: Your Dallas Solar Panel Experts

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