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We Are Brand Agnostic

Our Focus Is On You, Not A Specific Brand

Kosmos Solar is brand agnostic. This means we are not loyal to any specific brand. This is our vow of loyalty to our customers, we can install any brand of a solar panel for you. Our clean energy options are vast– we make sure that you can get the brand of solar you want.

We know your personal needs are different than your neighbors, so we take this into consideration and allow you to choose the brand you want, the brand that fits you best.

Our Focus Is On You

We maintain our brand-agnostic approach so that you can get the best solar option for you specifically. Everyone is different and one person’s needs will be different than the next, so in the same way that we know each person is different, we know their individual needs will be different.

One solar panel may have been the best option for our previous client, but we know that you have different needs and different power usages, and different ideas for how you want your home to look. In our solar evaluations, we talk to you about your goals, your aesthetic and more to discover which brand will fit your needs the best.

Certified Installers

Kosmos Solar has a team full of certified installers. We are certified to work with and install solar brands such as REC, APTOS, LG, Panasonic, Mission Solar, and more. These are just a few of the brands we make available to you. We respect and value the relationship we have with these blogs, but at the end of the day, you are still our first priority.

These brands are awesome and we carry them proudly, but they often fill a niche, and this niche varies from brand to brand. This is good news because there is a different niche to be found in each brand, and we can find a brand that caters to the niche you are looking for. Just as different tools in the shed have different purposes, we have many different solar panels that are a tool for you. 

Once we know more about what you are looking for and what you need to tool to accomplish, we can help you find the right fit. We remain brand agnostic so you know that you can always find the right tool with us.

Dallas-Fort Worth Most Trusted Solar Installers

We have made a name for ourselves as Dallas-Fort Worth’s most trusted solar installers. Not only do we show up to complete the job with our best quality work every time, but people trust us because we are brand agnostic. We maintain this brand-agnostic aspect to make sure you get the right brand for your needs every time.

We offer flawless solar installations of the brand you want. Our flawless quality of work stands out and people rely on our expertise to make sure their home looks good and is powered with clean energy.

Kosmos Is Here For All Businesses And Homeowners

We are here for all businesses and homeowners’ solar energy needs. We take pride in our job, which is to provide clean energy and clean installations. Clean energy saves you money and it reduces your carbon footprint. You can save money and do your part in reducing carbon emissions with any brand you choose. It is your power to choose, and with our brand-agnostic approach, you have the autonomy to choose whichever brand of solar fits your needs best. It’s your power and you have the power to choose. 

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