Advice for Choosing the Right Solar Installation Company

by Jan 16, 2020industry news, Residential Solar Panels

If you are not an electrician or an experienced craftsman and want to switch to solar, don’t just run off to buy solar panels for your roof. Designing a good solar panel system for your home involves more than just grabbing some cheap solar panels and screwing them down on your rooftop. At Kosmos Solar in Grand Prairie, TX our team of professional solar installation specialists is always ready to work with new clients to help them make the best possible decisions to suit their needs and budget.

Choosing a solar installation team you can trust can be tricky at first. With no knowledge of the industry and a variety of questions floating through your head about where to even get started, everything might seem overwhelming. At the same time, spending time asking around and doing research to try and decide who is giving you the right information can be exhausting, so to help our readers and potential customers save a little time, we decided to put together some helpful information on what to look for in a solar installation team.

Start by Setting Clear Goals for Your Project

The less focused your project goals are, the vaguer a solar panel company can be about the type of system you need. An experienced installation team will always be ready to work with you to help you find just the right equipment to match your needs while staying within your projected budget. A skilled local installer will also have a clear understanding of the regional climate, and knowledge about how various building and electrical codes might impact your project. Another important thing to discuss while planning for your solar installation is the topic of permits and inspections. By having a clear idea of what you’re hoping to achieve, a professional installation team should be able to easily find a solution that is just right for you and your home.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Once you find a local company that you like, make sure it’s licensed and bonded, and ask specific questions about the experiences of all crew members. It is important to make sure you are working with experienced professionals who will not make rookie mistakes throughout the installation process. For example, using a standardized template for your project instead of a special panel arrangement to ensure that your system captures the maximum amount of sunlight is always an important factor to bring up.

Location Makes a Difference

A good installer will adapt your solar system project to your home and environment with little to no complications. Is there lots of shade or lots of sun? What is the general terrain of the roof? Do you have a particular aesthetic? We know it’s important to be aware of the curb appeal of your property in the end. The most interesting solar modules have no visible parts and cables. Your installer must consider these and other factors and let you know in advance how they affect the equipment needed for taking on your project.

Take the Time to Ask About Equipment Details

If you’re not getting any information about what kind of equipment (including brands and models) an installer plans on using, then ask about the equipment. Don’t be tricked into a project with someone who tells you that one brand of solar panels is just about the same as another. Not all solar panels are the same. Factors such as durability in extreme weather conditions, the level of degradation and the efficiency of solar panels are important if you want to maximize energy output over a longer period.

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