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Can You Get Solar Panels if You Have A Flat Roof?


Many people with flat roofs find themselves wondering whether or not they’ll be able to get solar panels. Flat roofs are unique and require different mounting techniques, but they can support solar panels just like nearly every other roof. In fact, there are advantages to having a flat roof, and they might even be a better fit than traditional roofs.

The Advantages of Having A Flat Roof

With sloped roofs, solar technicians have to calculate the angle and cardinal directions to make sure it gets enough sunlight to power a home, and not all sloped roofs are fit for solar panels. Flat roofs have more exposure to the sun no matter the direction they face, which means you’re more likely to get the solar power you need. Flat roofs also make the job easier for your installation team, since they can more easily walk around with less risk of injury. Your flat roof probably also has more viable surface area, meaning you’ll be able to fit more panels on it so you can become completely energy independent.

How Solar Panels are Mounted on Flat Roofs

Flat roofs require different installation techniques than sloped roofs. One method is known as direct attachment or fixed racking, which requires holes to be drilled in your roof. Unfortunately, direct attachment does increase your chances of leakage during storms, but it allows for a wider range of tilt angles so you can get the most solar energy possible. Installation teams usually work with a roofer when doing direct attachment, and specialized tape or caulking can be used for leak protection.

If you don’t want to risk leakage, ballasted systems are a great non-penetrating option. This simple technique uses concrete blocks to weigh down the racking system, and it’s proven to still provide the support and durability you need. This technique isn’t ideal for older, more worn down roofs, since the added weight can lead to sagging and structural problems. For more modern roofs designed with a slight tilt towards the drainage system, your team might decide to use a hybrid system which combines these two methods for optimal durability and longevity of your roof.

The Cost of Flat Roof Installations

Some solar technicians might choose not to work with flat roofs due to the costs of specialized equipment, but your flat roof installation shouldn’t cost much more than traditional roofs. Sloped roofs can be more dangerous and challenging to work on, so most technicians will appreciate the freedom they have to move around freely on a flat roof without fall protection. Flat roofs are unique to work with, but they don’t come with too many challenges which would drive up the cost of your installation.

Make the Switch With Kosmos Solar

Whether your roof is flat or sloped, solar panels might be the perfect fit for your home. If you want to reduce or eliminate your electric bill while doing your part to help the environment, call Kosmos Solar for a free quote today!

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