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Cleaner Air During COVID-19 Brings Higher Solar Panel Output


A second lockdown is swiftly approaching America, while other countries have successfully reopened without many complications. One perk of lockdown is the environmental impact it’s had, especially in highly polluted areas like India and China. For the first two weeks of lockdown, Chinese citizens watched a large cloud of smog dissipate from the sky above them. This means the sunlight is hitting the ground much more, which has improved solar panel output for residential and commercial buildings.

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How Air Quality Changes Solar Panel Output

Pollution in the air can make it more difficult for sunlight to reach the ground, which can cause a wide range of issues for plant life, weather conditions, and solar panel users. When the air quality improves, as it recently has in China and India, the sun can stretch further and improve the function of solar panels.

Lockdown and Pollution

India and China are two of the most populated countries in the world. Between increased production of goods and high dependence on motor vehicles, the high population of these places is directly tied to the pollution of their air. India and China typically have dense clouds of smog looming in the sky at all times, and getting rid of them has been a challenge that hasn’t been successful. When they went on lockdown, the heavy use of motor vehicles and factories stopped very suddenly, giving the smog a chance to clear up for the first time in years.

The Results of Isolation

With everyone at home, the people of India and China have had no use for their vehicles. Not only that, but decreased consumption of goods means factories aren’t working as hard to meet high demands. These circumstances have cleared the skies and made way for the sun to hit the ground. Researchers who tracked this phenomenon in New Dehli found that solar panels were able to produce 8% more electricity after the lockdown had started, and they expect similar results from other developed countries. This occurrence could also have great benefits for plant life, and it gives highly polluted areas a chance to make changes and keep the air cleaner in the future. We don’t know how long the smog will stay clear, but we’re sure solar panel owners are loving this sudden change.

Make the Switch With Kosmos Solar

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