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Are you looking for an eco friendly solution to power your home or business?


Are you looking for an eco friendly solution to power your home or business?


A typical household solar system uses solar panels to collect energy from the sun and turn it into electrical energy. This is the key benefit of eco friendly solution to power. An inverter then turns that energy into the right kind of current to power a home. Inverters usually come with a battery backup. Because it stores excess electricity created by the panels, they produce more than your house is using. So if there isn’t enough sunlight or you want to use more electricity than the panels are making, you can still have power.

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Many people think that most solar-powered homes are independent of the electrical grid. But actually, the majority work in partnership with traditional utilities. They can sell excess energy back to them. And they use their services for things like powering appliances at night (which is when many homeowners want extra electricity). If your utility company charges a “demand fee.” A fee-based on how much power you use during peak time. Then you will be billed less if you store some energy for later use during those peak times. In addition, batteries allow homeowners to rely less on the grid and more on solar energy over time. They provide backup when it isn’t sunny. The solar panels don’t produce enough energy to meet all the home’s needs. And in regions with high peak electricity rates, such as California. A battery storage system can lower the overall cost of electricity. It allows customers to take advantage of lower off-peak utility rates (at night, for example).

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SunPower has always been at the forefront of residential solar panel technology. The SunVault™ system is an integrated solution. It includes SunPower® solar panels and batteries designed so that users can store excess power created during peak sunlight hours later. Homeowners can use this power need it most. It can be late afternoon, after work, or on dark winter evenings. This storage system is the latest in innovative technologies. It will make lives easier for homeowners and move the solar industry forward.

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The SunVault system uses Tesla Powerpack lithium-ion energy storage batteries. These are scalable to meet the needs of small residential systems through large commercial projects. In addition, the SunVault solution is more efficient than conventional battery backup systems. It doesn’t require a generator or any moving parts. Instead, electrical power from the home’s solar array charges the batteries. We need to top off after dark, or during other times there isn’t enough sunlight. As a result, homeowners can keep their generators and fuel sources out of their homes permanently. In addition, people are still enjoying reliable service without worrying about their power being cut off for not paying a demand fee.

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The SunVault system also allows homeowners to take full advantage of net metering. When you get credits from your utility company for solar energy, you send it back to the grid. You then use those credits to pay for the electricity you draw from the company during peak times. Power stored in batteries keeps that electricity within your home. It prevents it from going into the grid. It allows customers to use as much or as little electricity as needed without overspending at peak times.

While people will use this storage solution in all areas of North America who are looking to store excess energy produced by their solar systems, California homeowners may benefit most because they more.

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