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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance


We’re in the middle of a North Texas summer, and households with solar panels are enjoying the energy savings. If you’d like to be one of them, call Kosmos Solar so we can come out and give you a free solar energy consultation. The vast majority of residences have the roof space required to make solar panels a worthwhile investment. If not, we can install ground-mounted solar panels to help offset your electric bills.

Solar panels can improve your home’s energy efficiency, earn you energy credits for the power you generate beyond what you use, qualify you for tax breaks, and increase your home’s resale value. They are also a low-maintenance energy solution, requiring just a little upkeep from the homeowner.

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

Cleaning your solar panels is really the most labor-intensive maintenance they need, and even that can usually be done with nothing more than a water hose. To keep your solar panels functioning at their top efficiency, you’ll need to check on them occasionally and keep them clean and clear of debris. This is especially important after high wind and rainstorms. Anything that blocks out the sun, like piles of leaves or fallen tree branches, can reduce the amount of energy your solar panels generate.

Solar panels are easy to clean and care for if you’re able to reach them. You can also hire our team to inspect and clean your panels a few times a year or as needed.

Safe Ways to Clean Your Solar Panels

If you can easily access your solar panels, we recommend using a mild cleaning solution and a clean cloth to wash their surface. You can use a combination of soap and water or a warm water and vinegar mixture to get the panels clean. Wipe down stubborn spots with plain rubbing alcohol for a streak-free finish. Avoid using anything that contains rock salt, car wax, or RainX. These can damage the surface of the panels or even cause them to reflect too much sunlight.

For debris from trees, birds, and general dust and dirt, you can use one of the following methods to keep your panels clean:
• Leaf Blower. This is the most convenient way to remove branches, dry leaves, and any other light to moderate debris that has fallen on your roof.
• Water Hose. A quick rinse with a water hose should usually be sufficient to clean your panels.
• Squeegee. A squeegee sponge on the end of a long pole can get rid of most build-up.
• Rain. The effortless way to keep your panels clean is to let nature take care of things. Just be sure to check after each storm to make sure nothing has fallen to block your panels.


Solar Panel Monitoring

The best way to keep track of your solar panel performance is by getting a solar panel monitoring system installed. These systems measure and monitor the power put out by your solar panels. They notify you in the event of damage or malfunction and can alert you to reduced energy output over time. Kosmos will help you get started with a solar panel monitoring system. Just give us a call!

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Now is a great time to switch to solar energy and save! We offer an easy enrollment plan and you can even qualify for 0 payments for your first year. Don’t pay needlessly high energy bills to keep cool this summer. Call us today for more details!

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