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Get Ready for Storm Season With Solar and Backup


Storms are one of the biggest concerns people have about making the switch to solar power, and for good reason. Solar energy is still new and growing, and new technologies are being made to adapt to weather issues. Whether you’re a solar panel owner or considering solar power for your home, here’s everything you need to know about preparing for storm season with a backup battery.

How Storm Season Impacts Your Solar Panels

Although modern solar panels are capable of storing solar energy to use when the sun isn’t out, they can’t always store enough power to last through multiple long storms. Your panels can’t collect solar power when the sun isn’t out, and they could even be damaged or broken by strong storms. Solar panel owners should always have backup options in the case of storms and damage. You could use electricity, but only if you’re connected to a grid and able to pay the bill. For energy independent solar users, the best option is to connect a backup battery to store solar energy for emergency situations.

How Solar Energy Storage Works

When the sun is high, your solar panels work hard to produce electricity to power your home. When too much electricity is produced, it can be stored in your panels or a backup battery and used when the sun isn’t out. Once your energy storage is full, the excess energy is returned to your utilities. Solar energy storage is still new and developing, but it’s the best way to ensure you have an energy independent backup option. This option is best for anyone who doesn’t live on an energy grid and for those who wish to stay completely independent from traditional electricity.

Why You Should Invest in A Backup Battery

Storms are extremely unpredictable and pose a potentially serious threat to your solar power. It doesn’t matter if you live in a heavily populated neighborhood or a rural stretch of land- a backup battery is a great way to improve the reliability of your solar panels. Your backup battery will also help you further reduce or eliminate your electric bill and your need for traditional electricity. You never know when a long or heavy storm will cause a power outage, so stay prepared by investing in a backup battery for your home.

Make the Switch With Kosmos Solar

If you want to become energy independent, reduce or eliminate your electric bill and invest in renewable energy, it might be time to make the switch to solar power. Kosmos Solar is passionate about the benefits of solar energy, and we’re dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible for our clients. We’ll meet with you to discuss your energy goals and needs so we can make a customized plan for your home. When installation day arrives, our team of experienced solar technicians will do the job right and give you all the information you need to care for your panels. For solar installations that last, you can always rely on Kosmos Solar. Call us today for a free quote on our services!

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