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Getting to Know Tesla\’s Solar Panels


Solar energy is the fastest-growing renewable energy sector in the US, and solar panels are the major solar energy delivery system for homes and businesses. You might have heard about the advantages of having roof-mounted solar panels for your home and EV charging stations for your residence or business. Kosmos Solar is your source for solar panel installation in Dallas-Fort Worth and all of North Texas. We know the ins and outs of solar energy, including the latest news about Tesla solar panels.


What are Tesla Solar Panels?

Solar panels are energy cells mounted on the roof of a house or building (or sometimes ground-mounted) that convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity. Tesla solar panels are one option that is growing in popularity because of a few unique features.

First, Tesla solar panels look really good. They have a low-profile appearance and their mounting hardware is practically invisible. It’s unusual to find solar panels with such a sleek style that blends in so well with a home’s architecture.

The cells themselves are extremely impact resistant. Tesla’s website shows a demonstration of hail damage to their solar cells versus roofing shingles and tiles. The Tesla cells withstand damage that leaves the shingles and tiles in pieces.

Tesla’s solar panels integrate seamlessly with the Tesla Power Wall. The wall stores extra energy generated by the solar panels so that the home’s appliances can draw on it at night or during cloudy weather. When the Power Wall is full, it will begin sending energy to the power grid so that the owner can earn usable energy credits.

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla continues to come up with innovative solutions for solar energy deployment. The Solar Roof is a prime example. This roof is made up of solar cells the size of shingles that look just like normal roofing materials. Elon Musk has one installed on his home, and hundreds of other homes have their installations scheduled.

Mass production of the Solar Roof has been pushed back to 2019, and the rollout is going slower than anticipated due to the testing involved. The roofs need to last for 30 years to compete with regular shingle roofs, and Tesla is using accelerated testing to provide proof of concept. Even at a rapid pace, testing takes time.

What About Tesla’s Vehicle Solar Panels?

There had been hints that the Tesla Model 3 vehicle would have a solar panel option, but Elon Musk has put that notion to rest, saying in July 2017 that putting solar panels on the car itself would be, “Not that helpful, because the actual surface of the car is not that much, and cars are often inside. The least efficient place to put solar is on the car.”

There simply isn’t enough space on the roof or hood of a car to contain enough solar panels to make it worth the trouble. The Karma Revero has a solar roof option, but even after 8 hours of sunlight, the solar roof would only generate enough electricity to carry the car for about 1 – 2 miles. Meanwhile, charging the car for 8 hours would take you 200 miles or more.

Until there are more efficient options, it looks like we’ll have to wait to see solar panels on any Tesla car.


Kosmos Solar: Your Solar Energy Experts in North Texas

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