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Google Announces Plans to Eliminate Carbon Emissions by 2030


As monumental forest fires tear through California, the devastating impact of climate change is becoming all too real for big companies like Google, whose headquarters are close enough to feel the effects. Although most large corporations already invest in renewable energy to offset their own energy footprints and improve their public image, Google CEO Sundar Pichai just announced the company’s plan to completely abandon carbon energy by 2030.
How Google Contributes to Renewable Energy
Google has been a big player in renewable energy since 2007, when it became completely carbon neutral for the first time. This means that, rather than using on-site renewable energy, the corporation invested enough in external solar and wind energy projects to completely offset its own carbon footprint. This tactic doesn’t wean the company off of fossil fuels, but it has been a big step in helping renewable energy technology grow and become more usable for the average household.
Investing in renewable energy isn’t the only way Google helps achieve a greener future. Technology like Google Maps and Google Earth have been used by solar and wind companies for years to plan their new projects. For example, Google earth can be used by solar technicians to create a model of a client’s house and effectively map out the best solar panel placement.
Google Offsets all Historic Carbon Emissions
As of September 14, Google announced it has officially purchased enough renewable energy projects, also known as carbon offsets, to cancel out all of its own carbon emissions since the company got its start in 1998. This is a great first step in Google’s new green plan, but it wouldn’t be enough by itself. Google released an astounding 4.9 million metric tons of planet-heating greenhouse gases just in 2018, which is about the same amount that 1 million cars might put out in a year.
Google’s New Green Energy Pledge
Google has officially announced its plan to become completely dependent on renewable energy by 2030. This means that, in ten years, all of Google will be independent from fossil fuels that emit toxic greenhouse gases. This tech giant will have to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach its goal, including creating improved batteries to store and use renewable energy when the sun isn’t out and the wind isn’t blowing. Because most of the US is still reliant on nuclear energy and fossil fuels, Google will most likely also have to relocate its operations to areas with a thriving renewable energy market and accommodating green energy policies.
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