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How to choose Easily A Good Direction For Your Solar Panel


How to choose Easily A Good Direction For Your Solar Panel


How often have you wondered what direction your solar panels should face maximizing the amount of energy they produce? Is the solar panel south, east, or west faced? It must be difficult for you to know which is best.

In the case of solar power, you have to consider enough when deciding where to install your panels. The three significant considerations are latitude, roof orientation and tilt angle. Solar panels will produce more energy in areas closer to the equator with an east-west direction on your roof. If you live in the northern hemisphere, they must face south for optimal performance as well. When calculating how much time a day your panels get direct sunlight, remember that part of this also depends on how high up you install solar from the ground and if trees or anything else might be blocking them during certain times of the day. Finally, don\’t forget about determining what direction your home faces when figuring out which way to point them! To help you figure out which method will work best for your home, read the following blog post!

How To Find Easily The Best Direction for Solar Panels?

What is the best part of the day to generate solar power? Well, you need to be awake and ready to clock in some hours during the day. There\’s only one answer: South! All kidding aside, any location within the United States should face their panels south for optimal strength. If it\’s going to take a while until you install panels, then try downloading our app with a simulation so that you can start harnessing energy right away from dusk onward!

Tips To Follow If Your Roof Doesn\’t Face South?

You may plan to install your solar panels, which must be facing south, but this isn\’t the case! In some cases, there are options to consider, like installing them on another side of your home or incorporating other renewable energy sources into your systems, such as wind power and geothermal heating/cooling systems.


You probably have the best intentions to put solar panels north-south, where they\’ll get all that sunshine and make you an energy hero. But life doesn\’t always work out as it should! If your roof does not face South, there\’s still hope for getting some power without installing more solar panels: point them west or southwest where the sun gets a little less intense. Your installation professional will help determine how much electricity it can generate in those directions.

Ensure a Solar Installer Who Must Be Trustworthy to Help with Solar Panel Installation

It\’s time for you to step up your solar game and harness the power of the sun. There are many advantages of having solar panels installed, such as getting free electricity from Mother Earth year-round! Freedom Solar is one of the largest residential installers in Texas and has many years of experience installing rooftop units according to each client\’s specifications. Contact us today to get started!

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