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How Trees and Other Large Objects can Impact Your Solar Panel Installation Plans


The most important design aspect when considering solar energy for households or private companies how shade might have a direct impact on the performance and efficiency of your planned installation. The reason this matters is that an incorrect shading analysis can cause drastic fluctuations in overall energy production. This is not the desired result and leads to customers who are dissatisfied and give the industry a bad name. At Kosmos Solar in Grand Prairie, TX, our team of experienced solar panel installation specialists understands just how important it is to get the most out of your solar panel installation.

An experienced installer will always want to perform one or more shade analysis procedures if your property has even a small amount of shade because of trees or other large objects. An experienced solar designer will generally utilize a two-step verification method for all properties. This analysis is very important because the value of solar photovoltaic systems are based on real production figures. With inaccurate production estimates, the worth and functionality of the entire project might be questioned. Our team is always careful that we take into account all possible shade deviations and produce realistic and accurate production data.

Initial Shading Analysis

If you think your house has many trees or is surrounded by large objects that could affect production, it is important to have a conversation with one of our designers. We will always be happy to help you develop the most effective solar panel system based on your situation. Thanks to modern technology, there are advanced tools with which we can map the exact properties of the solar system accurately and with excellent results.

We use these tools to enter your exact dimensions for your home, including roof height, roof size, array azimuth, roof array shape, shade between rows, equipment technical specifications and performance. We have utilized local meteorological models for years to accurately estimate future production. A well-designed shade report is very valuable and gives us excellent results so we can work with our customers effectively. Detailed shade analysis helps us to determine the best application of photovoltaic solar projects.

Follow-up Analysis

After the first analysis, a further examination of the sun’s path over the property is carried out. A pathfinder analysis looks at the exact shadow profile of the project area. Our field technicians analyze directional information for all roof areas where a solar system is meant to be installed. This type of analysis checks the shadow profiles of all trees or other objects that cause shadows and creates traces of shadow objects on each roof surface. This is transmitted in specialized software along with all other system details such as array type, the number of solar modules, type of inverter and device efficiency and then production estimates are made. Estimates of solar power are very accurate thanks to this method and will be a deciding factor when planning a project.

Accurate Modeling Using LIDAR Data

After installing solar panel systems for years throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area, we have found that the most accurate method of analyzing shade involves the application of real-world LIDAR (radar) data analysis. This type of information can help to determine the height, depth, and shape of trees and structures that can cause shadows. As soon as the shadow elements are properly modeled, we can determine exactly how much solar kWh production is affected.

Trust Kosmos Solar in Grand Prairie, Texas to Handle Solar Project Planning Challenges

If you’re concerned about whether or not a solar panel system on your property will be as effective as needed to meet your needs and expectations, then the last thing you should be doing is struggling through the process alone. Instead of feeling confused by all the complicated aspects of efficient solar panel project designs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team so we can schedule a consultation with you as soon as possible.

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