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Why Choose a Local Solar Company in 6 Reasons


Why Choose a Local Solar Company in 6 Reasons


There’s never been a better time to be more eco-friendly. 

With adverse forces like pollution and fossil fuels, making changes to your lifestyle is a great step towards reducing emissions. You can use many strategies to be more environmentally conscious, from driving less often, using an electric vehicle to giving up meat, and avoiding fast fashions. Another excellent strategy for living an eco-friendly life is to convert your home’s energy to solar through a local solar company.

Not only is going solar environmentally friendly, but you can also benefit from the many solar incentives initiated by the government, from rebates, solar loans to federal tax credits. As a result, you’ll be able to save money on your electric bill and help save the environment. 

In this guide, we break down the key benefits you’ll reap when you enlist the workmanship of a local company instead of a big box solar company. 

Why Choose a Local Solar Installation Company vs. Big Box Installation Companies?

If you’re wondering what sets local solar power companies apart from their bigger competitors, wonder no more. We’ve compiled six reasons that will help you see the (solar-powered) light and never look back

Pay Less

Everyone loves to save money. So when you work with a local solar company, that’s exactly what you’ll do. In general, local solar installers charge lower prices than larger companies. 

Small, local businesses also pride themselves on their solar energy solutions by using quality materials with lower risks of corrosion and damage. That means your solar panels will last longer, saving you even more money in the long run.

Unbeatable Customer Service

When you choose big-box solar companies, you’ll likely have little to no upfront communication with the people in charge of your solar battery installation. Instead, you’ll probably be coordinating with someone in an office who has minimal knowledge of the products or the installation process. Not only will this make it harder for them to answer your questions, but it creates a detached and impersonal customer service experience.

With a full-service local solar company, however, you’ll experience the opposite. In this scenario, there’s no middle person involved. Instead, you correspond directly with the experts who have the experience needed to answer your most important questions. Knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive staff at local solar companies go above and beyond to guarantee your satisfaction.

Investing in the Local Economy

It’s important to give back to the local community in any way that you can. When you hire a local solar company, you’re hiring real people in your local community. 

By contributing to their business’s bottom line, you’re strengthening small business operations and creating more employment opportunities. This is a much better alternative to spending your hard-earned money with a large company that likely sees you as just a number.

Higher Quality

While large organizations sometimes cut corners, local solar companies never sacrifice quality with their solar power systems. They know that investing in high-quality material and solar equipment (e.g., solar battery products, solar backup grids) will boost their credibility and contribute to a positive reputation. 

The better their reputation from investing in high-quality solar technology, the more likely it is that clients will return and offer good customer reviews. 

Better Warranties

Certain large businesses, known as solar phoenix companies, operate just long enough to sell many products and then close down before dealing with clients’ warranty claims. Weeks or months later, they often pop back up under another name to repeat the entire process.

When you work with a local solar company, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re avoiding these warranty scams altogether. Plus, local businesses typically use products with great warranties (often between 15 and 30 years) as part of their commitment to stellar customer service. In the end, making your next solar project even more accessible. 

More Customization

Local solar installers know that solar battery and panel systems work best when they’re fitted to the building. That’s why they take their time to customize their solar panel installation process to suit that unique layout. 

Big box solar companies, however, don’t usually do this for homeowners. Instead, they use a “cookie-cutter” approach, disregarding these small details in an effort to move more products and finish jobs faster.


Clearly, there are a host of reasons to hire a local solar company rather than a large entity for your home solar. Top-tier service, high quality, personalized installations – there’s nothing not to love. 

By now, you may be asking yourself: where can I find solar installation near me? 

If you’re in Texas, Kosmos Solar is an excellent place to start your renewable energy journey. With locations across the state that have highly qualified staff and installation teams, your transition to solar power will be nothing short of seamless.

Call for a free estimate and ask about our various financing options. Go solar today!

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