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The Most Suitable Position Alignment For Your Solar Panels


The Most Suitable Position Alignment For Your Solar Panels


The best position for solar panels is on your roof, but not all roofs are equal. If you have a steep roof, the angle of sunlight may be too low to provide enough energy in the winter months. In this case, a ground-mounted system might work better. When determining which type of installation would be most suitable for your home, it\’s essential to consider how much space you have available and what kind of weather conditions you\’re prone to experience.

The best way for homeowners with solar panels on their roofs is to contact an expert who can help them determine what position would work best for them based on their location.

Solar Panels alignment: Azimuth and Zenith Orientation

Solar panels work best when their absorbing surface is ninety degrees to the sun\’s incoming rays. Let\’s first discuss two angles, azimuth, and zenith, since these values are essential for determining solar panel alignment (and ultimately performance).

Position Alignment For Your Solar:



The azimuth angle that we calculate by measuring the direction of light and dark on a sphere. The brighter area, where we see more detail in objects around us, is called direct sunlight. This source has shaded the things will be darker than what they would if exposed to total daylight (even though it\’s not night). Azimuth angles change with time because as our planet rotates its axis daily, during 12 hours, there isn\’t any variation at all. Still, over 24 hours or one day, solar noon occurs once every single rotation.


The Zenith angle of the sun is constantly changing. When the sun\’s zenith angle hits zero degrees, it means that sunrise and sunset are occurring; midday, when there\’s no shadow below you, indicates a ninety-degree zenith angle. Your ancestors would\’ve been waving goodbye to their shadows. They went back into hiding for another day or so until nightfall!

Solar panel Orientation and Tilt

With solar panels, the sun moves across the sky. As a result of this movement, it becomes difficult for anyone to arrive at an optimal orientation – one that will maximize sunlight during all hours and seasons. This careful adjustment can provide 10% more power per annum than if you don\’t make any adjustments whatsoever so long as your system isn\’t moving around too much.

Position Alignment For Your Solar Angle

Azimuth angle:

 The orientation of panels concerning the sun\’s path from sunrise to sunset determines The solar collection efficiency(i.e., its azimuth angle).

[1] manufacturers typically recommend that a panel be oriented To maximize energy output. It lies perpendicular to the rays of the rising and setting sun as seen from mid-latitudes ( 35° north or south ). For more northern latitudes, the panel should be angled more toward the south, and for more southerly latitudes, it should be angled more toward the north. [2] Creating a solar power system begins when a site that we select for its solar potential. This initial step involves having an energy professional inspect the site to assess whether or not it would make a suitable candidate for a solar installation. The recommended tilt angle can vary slightly from one location to another depending on how far away from the equator is.

[3] Definition: Orientation: The position in space in which something is arranged or oriented; placement about some other object or point.

[4] Location: The orientation of PV panels is fundamental in the case of solar energy. Effectively orienting a PV panel towards the sun can increase efficiency and increase available sunlight. The three primary factors to consider when determining optimal orientation are latitude, tilt, and azimuth. For example, if a building is located at 35 degrees north latitude and has an east-facing roof with total south exposure. It will need to have its solar panels oriented due west to perpendicular to the rays of the rising and setting sun.

Position Alignment For Your Solar with Solar Panel Zenith Orientation:

Zenith Orientation: The first step to maximizing solar power efficiency targets the panels optimally, which is just what Zenith Orientation does. It uses an algorithm that automatically shines down on your roof during optimal times, ensuring maximum power production. Let\’s put it this way- stick a shovel in the dirt but keep it upside down- not suitable for digging! You wouldn\’t want to do that with your investment either!

The power output of a photovoltaic solar panel is getting maximized by optimizing its \’solar zenith orientation angle. The term \’zenith\’ denotes the point in the sky directly above your location at any given time.


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