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Duncanville Solar Panels


The entire DFW Metroplex is known for its sunny weather and long hours of sunlight, especially in the summer months. If you’ve been considering making the switch to solar power for your home, Kosmos Solar is a name you can count on. We’ve been a top solar energy provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for years, including the Best Southwest region of DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Lancaster, and Duncanville.

Solar panels are a very popular green energy solution for new and existing homes in Duncanville and nearby cities. Homeowners across the DFW Metroplex are interested in better energy-efficiency and more eco-friendly features for their homes. Interested in learning more? Give Kosmos Solar a call today for a free solar energy evaluation.

Solar panels perform best in sunny climates, so Duncanville is an excellent setting. Many homeowners report that their solar panels provide far more energy than they need to power their homes. In cases of surplus energy, the power is sent to the power grid and the homeowner is given credits they can draw from at night and during cloudy days.

Duncanville sees a higher number of sunny days than the national average, making it a great location to try solar panels. Worried that your roof is too small or doesn’t slope enough? Don’t be! Our talented team can configure the solar array to fit most roofs. If all else fails, we have ground-mounted solutions to help your household go green.

About Duncanville

Duncanville is a southwestern suburb of Dallas with about 40,000 residents. It is part of the Best Southwest region of Dallas County, an area that consists of Duncanville, DeSoto, Lancaster, and Cedar Hill. Many notable figures have ties to Duncanville, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who graduated from Duncanville High School in 1976. The City of Duncanville has been designated as an official Main Street City by the Texas Historical Commission.

Settlers came to the site of Duncanville in 1845, when Illinois resident Crawford Trees purchased several thousand acres south of Camp Dallas. The Chicago, Texas and Mexican Central Railway arrived in 1880. They built Duncan Switch, named in honor of a line foreman. The settlement was renamed Duncanville in 1882. By the end of the 1800’s, Duncanville had dry goods stores, a pharmacy, a domino parlor, and a school.

During World War II, the Army Air Corps established a flight training landing field near the crossroads of Main and Wheatland in Duncanville. This was later developed into the Duncanville Air Force Station, the headquarters for the four Nike-Hercules missile launch sites that protected DFW from attack. The site is commemorated today with a plaque and monument.

Modern Duncanville is known for its racial diversity, its champion high school marching band, and its proximity to Joe Pool Lake. History buffs can view real Native American artifacts at the International Museum of Cultures, and arts enthusiasts can take in a show at the Duncanville Community Theater.

Weather in Duncanville

While Duncanville sees more than its fair share of storms in the spring and early summer months, it is a warm and sunny location for most of the year. Daytime temperatures range from 35 degrees in the winter months to 96 in the summer, sometimes rising into the low 100’s. Temperatures are most likely to break into the triple digits in July and August.

Duncanville gets more sunshine than most of the rest of the nation. Depending on the month, days range from 10 to 14 hours of sunlight, with 12 or 13 hours being the norm most days. Solar panel arrays on Duncanville homes will absorb more than enough sunlight to power the home, and could command a higher sale price when you get ready to move. The trend these days is toward green energy solutions and more energy efficiency, and solar panels are a very popular feature.

Call Kosmos Solar for Duncanville Solar Panel Installation

Kosmos Solar provides solar energy solutions in Dallas, Duncanville, Fort Worth, Denton, and all areas around the DFW Metroplex. We also install EV charging stations for residences and businesses. We’re always available to answer questions, so give us a call or go online to request your free solar estimate today!

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