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Irving Solar Panels


Irving, TX is one of the largest suburbs in Dallas – a sprawl of homes and businesses that soak up the plentiful Texas sunlight. There is a huge potential to harness solar energy in Irving for both residential and commercial properties. Newer construction projects, like the Garden Park community near Northgate and 161, are taking advantage of solar panels to reduce energy bills and provide a more eco-friendly solution that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. At Kosmos, our goal is to get all of North Texas, including Irving, switched over to green solar energy! That’s why we work hard every day to install rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels on homes and businesses across Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our talented solar technicians give 100% to every job they do, no matter how big or small the project. That’s because we value each client and respect their time and property. When you schedule a visit with us, you can count on us arriving on time and ready to get to work. We offer free evaluations and present you with a written estimate for solar panel installation. On the job, we always work efficiently, and we never leave a mess behind.

Don’t let HOA concerns prevent you from making the switch to solar energy. In Texas, you have a right to put solar panels on your roof. If your HOA contains more than 50 residences, they cannot prevent you from doing so. This is because of the Solar Access Law. Wherever you live, whether it’s Irving or elsewhere in North Texas, you have the right to use renewable solar energy.

About Irving

Irving is a city of about 250,000 people located just west of Dallas, on the border of Tarrant County. It is a principal city in Dallas County, home to numerous corporations and part of the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Irving also includes Las Colinas, one of the nation’s first master-planned communities.

Irving was founded in 1903 and incorporated on April 14, 1914. It was first known as Gorbit, and then as Kit, before its current name was settled on. The area experienced slow growth until the opening of the University of Dallas in Irving in 1956 and Texas Stadium, the original home field of the Dallas Cowboys, in 1971. Retail stores, transportation hubs, and financial businesses came to town, and the city is now home to the headquarters of Fortune 500 businesses like ExxonMobil and Kimberly-Clark.

Weather in Irving

While Irving is subject to the same volatile storms as the rest of North Texas between March and May, it is generally a warm and sunny location. Daytime temperatures range from 58 degrees to 102, but hover most of the year between the 70’s and 90’s. It has a subtropical climate, meaning it gets more sunny days than the national average.

Irving has between 10 and 14 hours of daylight each day, with most days tending toward 12 or 13 hours. That makes it the perfect candidate for solar panel installation. Irving homeowners who have a rooftop solar array installed are poised to see energy savings as well as an increase in their home’s value.

Call Kosmos Solar for Irving Solar Panel Installation

At Kosmos Solar, we do everything we can to make it easy for you to switch to solar power. This includes being available to answer your questions, walking you through our simple process step-by-step, and getting your panels installed quickly and correctly. If you’re not sure your roof can support solar panels, give us a call anyway! There are many sizes and configurations we can use. Almost every roof can be accommodated by our skilled installers. If it turns out that your home needs a different solution, ground-mounted solar panels are an option. We do whatever it takes, and we won’t quit until you’re running on solar energy!

From our home base in Arlington, TX, we provide solar energy solutions to Dallas, Irving, Fort Worth, and all the nearby cities. Not only do we install solar panels for homes and commercial buildings, we also provide electrical services and EV charging stations. Give us a call or go online to request your free solar estimate today!

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