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Solar Panel Recycling Specialists


As the solar industry continues to grow, manufacturers and installers find themselves with more and more damaged and end-of-life solar panels that need proper disposal. These solar modules and photovoltaic cells pose significant risk to the environment if disposed of via unscrupulous “recyclers” who may simply be landfilling these toxic material-filled pieces of hardware.

At We Recycle Solar, we provide comprehensive solutions for these manufacturers, installers, and solar contractors who need large-scale solar panel disposal and recycling. Our processes are perfect for:

* Manufacturers:

Solar Equipment Recycling Solutions for Manufacturers. Manufacturers of any PV equipment, ranging from solar panels to inverters and cabling and accessories, all face similar issues throughout their product life cycles, and especially as current installations of equipment near their end-of-life – how can we dispose of these used, obsolete, and potentially defective products?

Can your products be destroyed or dumped in a landfill? Could they be refurbished and resold, potentially at lower standards than what your brand is known for? Is there any value that can be recovered from precious metals and other materials?

We Recycle Solar’s experienced team has a global footprint, operating with compliance to R2:2013, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards in the country.

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