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Solar Panel Removals in North Texas and Beyond


When it comes time to remove your solar panels, don’t risk breaking them or damaging your roof with a DIY attempt. Kosmos Solar provides safe solar panel removals in Dallas, Arlington, and San Antonio, TX. We understand that some homeowners like to do things themselves, but solar panels are very delicate, and rooftop work always has the potential to cause serious injuries. Why not let us handle it so you don’t have to?

Removing Solar Panels

Solar panel removals make sense for property owners who need to:

  • Replace damaged or broken panels. We can come out to test your panels and see if they need to be replaced, or if repairs are a viable solution.
  • Re-roof their residential or commercial structure. Our professionals will work quickly and efficiently, always coming in on schedule.
  • Take their solar panels with them to a new property. We can help with the removal, transport, and reinstallation of your panels.

Whatever the reason for your solar panel removals, Kosmos Solar can help! Our experienced crew can remove solar panels of any type from homes and commercial properties in North Texas and beyond, such as near San Antonio, Arlington, and Dallas. We have the electrical knowledge and the manpower to remove solar panels from your property quickly. If you need help or just have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We specialize in the care, cleaning, installation, and removal of solar panels. If yours need to be taken down, kick off the process by calling us for a free quote. Once the work begins, we unbolt the panels and unplug the power wires. Then, we disconnect the solar circuit and remove all the mounting hardware. We will patch the openings in your roof and leave the work site as clean as it was before we began. Our team is truly professional; we never leave tools or materials scattered about.

Hire a Professional Solar Panel Remover

Solar panels weigh about 40 pounds each and contain lots of fragile wiring that is easily damaged if handled the wrong way. You can prevent damage to yourself, your roof structure, and your solar panels by calling in a professional. We have been working with solar panels for many years, and we know how to remove them cleanly and thoroughly. In addition, we carry insurance that will cover damages in the event of an accident.

Our hard-working team always practices the very highest safety standards. We respect our professionals and your property, so we take every step possible to keep them safe and secure.

Finally, we give you a free, no-obligation estimate at the very beginning of the project. The price we quote is always the price you pay. We’re able to offer some of the best prices available in the Dallas/Fort Worth market, and there are never any surprise fees or surcharges. Our team values honesty and transparency. It’s the least we can do for the communities that have supported us all along.

Hire Kosmos Solar for a Job Well Done in North Texas and Beyond

We work hard to provide you with the very best in solar panel removals and installation. Our quotes are honest, and we only use the best products from Silfab, a highly-respected solar panel manufacturer. We’ve served our community for years, and we are proud of – and grateful for – the reputation for excellence that we have earned in North Texas and beyond.

Are you ready to help reduce pollution, add to your building’s value, and lower your energy bill? It’s time to let your home or business reap the benefits of solar power. Call us or stop by any of our locations to ask about your free quote!

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