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Solar Panel Recycling

The solar industry is booming, and with this growth comes an unfortunate problem: end-of-life panels that need proper disposal. Manufacturers are finding themselves in a difficult position when it becomes time to dispose of damaged or end-of life equipment because the materials used for these modules can be toxic if not disposed of properly – but luckily there’s help! The Solar Recycling Project has created several programs that allow installers like you to recycle their old equipment at low cost. So don’t let those hazardous pieces go into landfills where they’ll do more harm than good; give them back to society through Kosmos Solar today!

At Kosmos Solar we provide efficient ways to recycle everything from small PV modules all the way up through massive arrays with multiple mounting brackets – if you need contact us, we are available 24/7!


PV manufacturers are tasked with the difficult task of disposing of obsolete and potentially defective products. With a streamlining industry, recycling could be an attractive option for these companies to help keep their bottom line clean while not hurting the environment too much.

Utility Companies

We Kosmos Solar help you reduce your dependence on the power grid by turning your signature appliance into a renewable energy producer.

Contractors and Installers

As a contractor in the solar energy field, many different tasks need your attention on any given day.

Enterprise Business

Large-scale, commercial solar installations provide a great opportunity for business owners to reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources and invest in the future of sustainable power.

Leasing and PPA Companies

Leasing or PPA companies offer the ability to have solar panels installed for customers without having to shell out all of that hard-earned money upfront. This means you can save your cash now while still contributing towards an eco-friendly future.


Energy service companies can provide businesses with the resources to ensure their solar energy needs are met in a sustainable and resilient way.

O & M

As a solar O&M professional, you work hard to ensure the grid runs at its best

We take care of all recycling needs. Our fully sustainable approach to solar panel recycling means you can maximize any residual value while complying with federal and state environmental regulations that could result in fines for your business.

Our Kosmos Solar team of specialists has created a unique, direct-to-refinery approach for the absolute disposal of various types of solar panels and equipment. This includes:

Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, and Assorted Thin Film PV Cells


We recycle solar equipment, from large-scale panels to micro inverters. This ensures sustainability and helps reduce our carbon footprint.


We want batteries to be handled as responsibly and sustainably as possible, which is why we use a direct-to-refinery approach for all types of deep-cycle solar battery

Mounts and Racks

We Kosmos Solar is an innovative solar panel disposal service that offers more than just recycling. Our business also includes monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film PV cell relocation services as well as the installation of new racking systems.

We’re committed to sustainability! We recycle everything and we never threaten the environment, ensuring that you’ll always be able to trust our products.
Our company will not be associated with the harmful effects related to the improper disposal of: LEAD, SILICON, ARSENIC, CADMIUM, COPPER

We Kosmos Solar is the authority on nationwide services. Whether you’re looking for complete solutions or simply trying to recycle your solar panels, We Kosmos has got it all covered! From installation and maintenance to recycling, we are here for everything.

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