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Commercial Solar Panel Installation Process


Installing Solar Panels for Your Business

When it comes to commercial solar panels, everything will be much bigger than during a home installation. The amount of power being produced, the size of the panels, and all peripheral systems involved are on a much larger scale. For business owners and commercial entities, this means that the process for having a solar panel system installed can require more time than a typical residential system.

The main reason behind the extended amount of time required is because of the complexities involved in properly planning and implementing the system. Some of the primary factors that influence overall installation time are the overall size of the system, the process of connecting the new solar system to existing utilities, and build code requirements. The good news is that with the right training and preparation, the actual installation process can be managed without much difficulty. 

In the world of commercial solar panels, the ideal candidate building for an installation would be a location with existing high utility costs that also has quite a bit of open space on the roof. For many businesses, the first criteria is practically a given, but having large amounts of available roof space can be a harder expectation to satisfy.

Designing Your Solar Panel System

The first step of any commercial solar panel installation is to perform a thorough survey of the site. By taking the time to develop an expertly engineered design, our team can work towards ensuring that all expected deliverables can be achieved before proceeding to the next phase of the project.

One of the most challenging aspects of most commercial solar panel projects is the planning phase because of the complexities involved in finding a way to maximize the efficiency and coverage of a proposed installation while working around any existing structures on a building’s roof.

Preparing for the Installation

Once the final designs for a commercial solar panel project have been developed, there is still more planning required before actual construction can begin. Often viewed as the “due diligence” phase of a project, various applications must be completed, interconnection agreements for existing utility services must be established, engineering studies must be performed, and the proper building permits must be required.

The good news is that our team of experienced professionals at Kosmos Solar will be in charge of making sure the required steps in this process are completed, and we’ll stick with you every step of the way so you’re not left wondering what to do at any point. 

Installing the Solar Panel System

Once everything has been approved, and all of the right paperwork has been completed, the actual construction phase of your solar panel project can begin. It is important to keep in mind that the projected completion time of a project can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors including size, complexity, and other concerns.

There may be some unavoidable disruptions to the daily routines of your organization during construction, and those disturbances may require additional planning. An effective project plan for the construction phase can go a long way towards minimizing the impact of construction on your organization’s normal operations.

Inspecting and Activating the System

Finishing the installation of a commercial solar panel system is not the end of the project as a whole. Before everything can be called “complete” a series of final inspections need to be performed, and the actual connection of the system to your existing utility grid needs to be performed. 

Once the inspection has determined that all existing building codes have been satisfied, the system can be fully activated. At this point, the system will be closely monitored to ensure performance is meeting projected expectations, and that there are no unexpected concerns which need to be addressed.

The Advantages of Solar Energy

In the past few years, more and more businesses have started to take advantage of solar energy as a means of relieving high energy costs. The good news is that the benefits of solar energy go far beyond immediate utility bill relief. As a source of clean, renewable energy, a properly installed commercial solar system can act as a source of energy for the building for the foreseeable future and even provide a return on the investment over time.

To find out more about commercial solar panel installations, or to schedule an appointment to have one of our professionals inspect your building, be sure to contact us right away!

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