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EV Charging Station Installation


Charge Up Your Electric Vehicle Anywhere with Kosmos

If you have made the smart choice to switch your main mode of transportation to electric, Kosmos can make sure your transportation is charged whenever you need it. First, congratulations are in order on your most recent purchase. We at Kosmos Solar thank you for taking the step to reduce your carbon footprint, and all who benefit from a little more fresh air thank you as well. Now, you still have to find a reliable EV charging station. 

You may be concerned about how you will make sure your new ride is charged and ready to go. Of course, wherever you bought or are planning to buy your new electric car will try to sell you a charging station. Their installation cost and the cost of the charger alone can be very expensive, and there are simply better ways to make sure your new electric vehicle is charged when you need it. Kosmos can install an EV charging station for your home and your business.

Kosmos Installs EV Charging Stations

Wherever you need an EV charging station installed, Kosmos Solar can help you out. Now that you rely on charging stations being available, if you don’t already have one available for your use at your home or your business, it’s time to get an EV charging station installed.

The team of experts at Kosmos makes this installation process smooth. We can install a charging station at your home or your business. We are certified to install these EV charging stations, and we use a reliable brand that is more cost-efficient than the charging station options the dealership will offer you.

Residential EV Charging Stations

The team at Kosmos is very knowledgeable in all things electric, especially when it comes to electrical systems that reduce your carbon footprint, such as electric vehicles. We can install a charging station in your home so you never have to worry about hopping in your car and the charging level is too low to rely on.

We will evaluate and audit your home electrical interworkings, to make sure it is compatible with the requirements of an EV charging station. 

Not all homes are ready for a high-voltage outlet that is needed to charge your vehicle, so we make sure that it is ready before we begging the installation process. If it isn’t yet compatible, don’t worry because our next step is to upgrade your panel so that it is then compatible.

We do this step all in the same appointment time to save everyone more time and money. We are in the business of providing people with solar energy to save them money, among other reasons, so our primary goal throughout our relationship with you is to make sure we adhere to our bottom line objective: to save you money. 

If you live in an apartment, it is not out of the question to get an EV charging station installed. There are a few extra steps involved, one being that we have to ensure the apartment manager approves the installation. These steps are not difficult, and there are many benefits to installing an EV charging station in an apartment complex, even benefits that your apartment manager will be able to see, and hopefully, this will incline them to approve of the installation.

Apartment managers will see benefits such as more people moving to the new green community. More people moving in and keeping good tenants is one of the main goals of any apartment manager. 

Commercial EV Charging Stations

There are also many benefits to installing an EV charging station on your business property. For one, a charging station may encourage your clients to spend more time in your business. As a business owner, you already know that the more time that your clients spend in your business, the more money they are going to spend. 

Not to mention, if your clients know that you have an available and reliable charging station for their electric vehicle, they may frequent your establishment more often. Give your competition a run for their money by appealing to an even larger client base.

Prepare For Your New Ride With Kosmos

If you are still in the preparation stages, Kosmos can help. We want to save you money and help you reduce your carbon footprint, so we will help you crunch the numbers and make comparisons to determine what electric vehicle and charging station will save you the most money. 

We will compare our charging station installation prices to those of the dealership to make sure you are making the best use of your hard-earned money. Call us at (817) 769-2443 for a consultation. We can also install a charging station anywhere in the metroplex. Contact us for all your EV charging station needs. Gain more efficient power today with Kosmos Solar.

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