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Solar Attic Fans


Solar Attic Fans

Kosmos Solar installs roof-mounted solar attic fans to keep your home’s interior comfortable all year round. Solar attic fans are an affordable solution for attics that overheat in the summer and get too humid in the winter. When you have an attic fan installed by the pros at Kosmos, you’re not only protecting your home from deterioration and mold growth, you’re benefiting from our years of experience and exceptional workmanship. Call us today to schedule a free estimate! We serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and all nearby areas. 

What is a Solar-Powered Attic Fan?

Attic fans are roof-mounted ventilation systems that draw the hot, humid air out of your attic and vent it to the outside. Regular fans that draw their power from your electrical system can add to your energy bill and present a fire hazard if the wiring isn’t done right. Solar-powered attic fans are a safer and more eco-friendly alternative.

Solar-powered attic fans are small, roof-mounted units with their own solar panels. They draw their energy from the sun, so they don’t rely on fossil fuels to keep them running. Because they don’t need electricity, they don’t require wiring to be installed. Solar attic fans won’t add to your electric bill, and they can even lower it by reducing the load on your HVAC system.

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Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

 In North Texas, the biggest reason to get a solar-powered attic fan is to relieve some of the heat that gets trapped in our homes and attics during our hot Texas summers. Excess humidity is also an issue throughout the year. Think of all the humid air that gets produced with every bath, shower, and hot load of dishes, not to mention humidifiers and laundry. Over time, this humidity can seep into your walls and cause mold and mildew to take hold. Extra ventilation from a solar-powered attic fan can keep your home cool, dry, and healthy.

In addition to being affordable, solar attic fans are an aesthetic solution. The units are small, and Kosmos Solar can install them to blend in with your roof without detracting from its beauty. The fans can be mounted on your roof’s surface or behind a gable. Either way, solar attic fans pack a lot of power into a low profile.

 Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a roof-mounted, solar-powered attic fan:

Reduced Summer Heat

When the temperatures outside soar into the triple digits, it puts a huge strain on your HVAC system. All the hot air rises and expands to fill your attic, where temperatures can grow dangerously hot without good ventilation. The added help from a solar attic fan can mean the difference between a hot house and a comfortable one.

Lower AC Bills

Because your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard, you could see a significant decrease in your energy bill. The attic fan will assist in getting rid of the hot air in your home, taking some of the strain off of your air conditioner. You might notice that your AC unit lasts longer without the need for repairs because it no longer overworks itself trying to cool your home.

Protection from Moisture Damage

Humidity without sufficient ventilation can lead to poor air quality from mildew, health hazards such as mold growth, and warped woodwork and rot due to excess moisture. By venting all that humidity outside your home, you can avoid a host of problems down the road.

Tax Benefits

Your solar fan installation costs could be reduced by federal tax credits. Our talented team is always happy to help you find savings at the federal and state level. We’re passionate about helping North Texans go green with solar energy, and we’re always available to answer your questions about tax programs and other incentives.

Kosmos Solar: Bringing Solar Attic Fans to the DFW Metroplex

We are your trusted solar-powered attic fan authority! Wherever you are in or near Dallas and Fort Worth, we will come to inspect your roof and provide you with a free estimate for solar fans, solar panels, and much more. Call Kosmos Solar today to learn how you can go green in North Texas!

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