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Where Do the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Solar Power?

It’s still a little early to tell which Democrat will face off against Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election, but we already know where the candidates stand on solar power. What will the future hold for tax incentives and renewable energy solutions like solar panels and EV charging stations? That largely depends on who wins the election. Let’s take a look at the three likely contenders and their solar power stance, plus Donald Trump’s attitude toward the solar industry. To learn more about solar panels in Dallas, call Kosmos Solar today to schedule a solar power evaluation for your home or business!

solar panels dallas

SunPower vs Mission Solar: Whose Solar Panels are Better?

SunPower and Mission Solar are two frontrunners in the solar panel market. Each brand has a loyal customer base. To help you decide which solar panels are best for your needs, here is a quick look at their efficiency, performance, and warranties. Remember, Kosmos Solar is here to help get your panels installed correctly, whether you purchase them through us or come to us with panels in hand.

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