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solar panels dallas

SunPower vs Mission Solar: Whose Solar Panels are Better?

SunPower and Mission Solar are two frontrunners in the solar panel market. Each brand has a loyal customer base. To help you decide which solar panels are best for your needs, here is a quick look at their efficiency, performance, and warranties. Remember, Kosmos Solar is here to help get your panels installed correctly, whether you purchase them through us or come to us with panels in hand.

solar panels dallas

An Introduction to SunPower Solar Panels

The decision to go solar is an easy one. Who wouldn’t want to save money on their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment? Solar panels let you rely on a renewable energy source – solar power – rather than fossil fuels like coal. You can also receive federal tax benefits for going solar. But how do you know which solar panels to choose? At Kosmos Solar, we prefer solar panels from SunPower, one of the leading names in solar arrays for your rooftop or ground mounted system.

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