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How to get more value out of your solar system and save thousands off your energy bill


How to get more value out of your solar system and save thousands off your energy bill


Many people are looking for ways to save on their energy costs, and solar panels might be the answer. Solar power is one of the most effective renewable sources of energy. Not only does it help you save money in the long term, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint by using a clean alternative to fossil fuels. With solar panels still being a relatively new technology, there\’s a lot that can\’t we can quantify with certainty – like how many financial savings will depend on your geographical location or annual electricity consumption levels. However, it\’s worth noting that if you\’re thinking about installing solar panels at home, now is not the wrong time to do so: prices have been dropping steadily over recent years as more and more homeowners take advantage of this cost-effectiveness.


Solar panels can be an excellent investment for homeowners, but there is one crucial factor to consider that\’s easy to overlook: degradation. Degradation refers to the rate at which a solar panel loses its production capabilities over time due to weathering and temperature changes like rain or extreme heat exposure. In addition, as these degradations expand and contract, they are subject to moisture damage from condensation or water pooling on top of roofs during storms. This degradation can cause them to crack under pressure leading them to degrade without producing energy as effectively making your investments worthless while costing you more money in repairs over time.

Warranty value out of your solar system

SunPower has been serving the solar industry for over 36 years, and we\’re here to stay. That experience led SunPower to work out a truly comprehensive warranty, providing complete coverage of your investment against any unforeseen events such as company failure or equipment malfunctioning beyond its expected life span. Sure, other companies may offer warranties too, but when it comes down to ensuring you protect what matters most – time and money – invest in something with longevity: choose Sunpower!


If you\’re always looking for ways to save money on your power bills, then we may have one more suggestion. Have you considered adding solar panels? With the federal tax credit program, if homeowners can afford it (installation costs range from $13-18k), they could be eligible for a 26% break on their taxes! If that sounds too good to be true – don\’t worry because the ITC will drop back down in 2023, so make sure this is something you want before taking advantage of it.

Efficiency value out of your solar system

When it comes to saving money on your utility bills, solar panel efficiency matters. SunPower has the most efficient panels on the market and requires less rooftop space than conventional panels to meet a homeowner\’s energy needs. Sun power solar panels produce 55% more over 25 years than conventional ones in the same amount of space! This efficiency makes them great for small roof sizes or those with plans for expansion later down-line because they can save you plenty as well now without needing additional room soon after installation.

Specifically designed with a unique surface that traps the light from all angles possible (ultraviolet and infrared rays), at work, we see Sunpower Solar Panels before making any assumptions about their benefits versus other available options.


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