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5 Ways to Save More Energy During the Summer


5 Ways to Save More Energy During the Summer


This summer, many people are looking for ways to save more money and energy. Solar energy is one way to do both. Solar power can reduce your electricity bills by as much as 90%. Solar panels typically last 25 years or more. They are also guaranteed not to produce any emissions, unlike traditional fossil fuels like coal or oil. It releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere while producing electricity. Please find out 5 Ways to Save More Energy During the Summer.

Here are five tips for green-minded homeowners interested in conserving energy from solar and saving a few dollars along the way.

Change Air Filters Regularly to Save More Energy

When your air filters get clogged up with dirt, dust, and other pollutants, it can lead to the system becoming overwhelmed. All Manufacturers design Air conditioning units to function at peak performance when they have clean filters. A subscription service is an option for homeowners that want more hygienic filter deliveries each month.

Plant Strategically to Save More Energy

Plant trees and shrubs strategically around your home to reduce the Sun\’s heat in summer. This plant is an eco-friendly way of protecting homes while also reducing one\’s carbon footprint and improving the air quality inside a house by shading it from direct sunlight throughout the day. WE should note that homeowners with or considering solar panels shouldn\’t place any plants too close to their roofline. These can block vital light from collecting full power on each panel. Remember, not everything needs shade during those hot summers!

Adjust Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans and standing fans can help cool down a home by allowing the air conditioning unit to keep its set temperature. We should adjust Ceiling fans seasonally for optimal output. During the summer months, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise at high speeds to push hot AirAir downward instead of towards ceilings. It will fill up rooms with cooler AirAir. Remember that not all rooms are people, so turn it off if an area is empty as you want only fresh, cooled-down AirAir circulating your body.

Reduce Appliance Usage During Peak Hours

The appliances that generate the most heat in a home are what you would not expect, like your stove or dishwasher. It may take some planning and modifications during certain times of the day to make this work for you. There are many alternatives:

  • Washing dishes by hand (which is better on sensitive hands).
  • Using recyclable plates and utensils instead of paper products which take less water when washed away from home.
  • Grilling outside.

So food doesn\’t get as hot inside due to an oven\’s warmth- while also saving money. And lastly, we can do air-drying laundry quicker than other methods with more space available outdoors.

Consider Solar Power

To keep your home cool this summer, you might want to consider installing solar panels. The Sun generates Solar power. So it\’s no surprise that these systems shine in the summer months. We may need them most. Qualified homeowners with a solar system can take advantage of federal tax credits. However, due to an expiring credit limit and IRS changes coming soon, now may be one of your last chances for assistance before they go away permanently.

Kosmos Solar offers affordable solutions from design through installation of high-quality roof modules which generate clean renewable energy 24/7 with little maintenance required at very competitive prices. Contact us today.

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