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What is net metering and why do I need it?


What is net metering and why do I need it?


Net Metering is a system that credits customers at the retail rate for any excess electricity they produce. Installing two meters can accomplish The metering system on your property to measure your solar production and measure power consumption from the grid. In this way, you only pay for what you use without being penalized for producing too much energy. What are the benefits? Net Metering provides an incentive for homeowners who want to install renewable energy sources such as solar panels. It allows them to offset some of their monthly utility bills while earning money if they generate more electricity than they consume in a given month. It also helps reduce carbon emissions which can help combat climate change. Learn more about Net Metering and how it works today!

What Is Net Metering?

Suppose your residential customer has a PV system on their roof and generates more electricity than they typically consume at home (during daylight hours). Then their electric meter runs backward and provides them with credits against any time where they use additional electricity after generating extra during daytime hours. On average, only 20-40% of savings that we can expect ever because these customers will likely be using some electricity all along.

Your electric bill is a statement of the value your utility places on an hour\’s worth of electricity in your area. Like residential rooftop solar systems in some regions, that value may be far below what you pay for energy from the grid. Other net metering policies allow utilities to buy back surplus solar power at their avoided cost rate—a higher price than what they charge consumers for fuel from the grid and lower than most market rates. While avoiding high retail rates keeps solar electricity affordable. Net Metering allows homeowners to lock in low retail rates and use them as savings over time. This model rewards early adopters who install PV systems before the cost of panels falls dramatically as more people follow suit and drive down the market price of solar.

Giving Customers Control Over Their Electricity Bills

Net Metering allows utility customers to generate their electricity cleanly and efficiently. The sun is a resource we can use as much as it is available just by going outside with our solar panels, so why not take advantage? You\’ll have more energy during the day because your home will be producing power rather than using it! After you install your system, there are no extra costs or hassles involved. This priceless piece of hardware operates quietly and unobtrusively on the rooftop of your house 24 hours a day–so that whether you\’re at work or on vacation, you can come back to an always-ready home. Say goodbye to those costly electric bills and hello to living life in the sunlight!

Creating Jobs & Encouraging Private Investment

Create jobs and grow our economy by giving people the opportunity to choose solar! Net metering provisions create demand for solar energy, which in turn creates jobs. Solar installations are a win-win for your business: they encourage private investment and help create jobs. With Net Metering, you get to choose if you want more high-quality clean energy or less of it–what an exciting opportunity!

Net Metering is a straightforward way to equip your home or workplace with solar panels. It\’s also a great way to have an energy breakthrough in the ways we produce and use clean, renewable electricity while fighting climate change. Net Metering allows you to install solar panels at no cost. Make all the electricity you need for your building themselves and get paid fully by utility companies for any extra power.

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