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Why Dallas Homeowners Must Switch to Solar Panels in 2020


If you haven’t made the switch to solar panels for your Dallas home, there has never been a better time than now! Kosmos Solar is your most trusted source for renewable solar power in North Texas, and we are encouraged by the number of Texans who have opted to go green in 2019. Now that 2020 is just around the corner, there are even more reasons to make the switch to solar energy – and some of these benefits won’t last forever. Here are some good reasons to get solar panels installed on your Dallas-area home in 2020.

The Federal Solar Tax is Ending

The US Government incentivizes making the switch to renewable solar energy. At least, they have been. This benefit is decreasing each year and will end completely for homeowners in 2022. By having solar panels installed on your home in 2020, you will be able to deduct 26% of the installation cost from your taxes. That amount reduces to 22% in 2021 and will not be available for residential installations in 2022 or beyond.

Don’t miss your window of opportunity to make your solar panel installation more affordable! Our team is always available to evaluate your home for solar panels and answer any questions you have about tax incentives from the federal, state, and local government.

You’ll Maximize Your Home’s Value in a Hot Market

Dallas-Fort Worth currently has one of the hottest housing markets in the nation. Property values are at an all-time high because our job market is strong and all the people moving here for jobs need somewhere to live. You can increase your home’s value even more by having solar panels installed.

More and more families want to own their own power source, so solar panels are a desirable home addition. A Lawrence Berkeley study showed that adding solar panels to a home increases its value by an average of $14,000. This enables you to get a higher sale price for your solar-powered Dallas home if you decide to sell. Even if you decide to stay, you will see significant energy savings that outweigh the cost of your solar panel installation.

Dallas Has the Perfect Climate for Solar Panels

The more sunlight your solar panels are exposed to each day, the more energy they will generate for your home. Dallas-Fort Worth has one of the sunniest climates in the nation, making your Dallas-area home a prime candidate for a rooftop solar panel array. The days here are long, averaging more than 12 hours of sunlight each, so you have the potential to generate plenty of extra energy to power your home at night and during stormy weather.

The team at Kosmos Solar knows how to arrange your solar panels for maximum sunlight exposure and peak power output. We can configure a rooftop solar array for just about any roof size, shape, or orientation. If a rooftop array isn’t optimal for your home, we can install ground-mounted solar panels so you can still reap the benefits of going green in Dallas.

Your HOA Cannot Stop You

People have strong opinions about Homeowners Associations in Texas. Some feel they’re necessary for keeping neighborhoods desirable, while others find HOAs to be too meddlesome. Whatever your stance, Texas has a Solar Access Law that keeps HOAs from telling you not to install solar panels on your roof. As it’s written now, the law applies to HOAs with more than 50 households, but this could change in the future. We recommend taking advantage of the current legislation and exercising your freedom to choose solar energy over fossil fuels.

Kosmos Solar: We Bring Solar Power to Dallas Homes and Businesses

Our process is simple, and our high-quality solar panels are some of the best on the market. You can even bring your own and we’ll install them for you! Call one of our friendly team members today to schedule your free solar panel evaluation in Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, or anywhere in the DFW Metroplex!



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