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Will Solar Panels Work On a Cloudy Day?


We’ve all thought about it at one point. That question of whether or not the heavy clouds in the sky are going to get in the way of anything out there that relies on a solar energy system for electricity. In Texas, there are some periods where the clouds build up, the sun is barely present, and the moods of everyone around seems to be directly affected. At Kosmos Solar in Grand Prairie, TX, our team of experienced solar panel installation specialists understands how the question of dealing with clouds can get in the way of really wanting that new solar panel energy system.

The reality is though, that solar panels can still efficiently produce energy, even on a cloudy day. Depending on the brand and design specifications of the solar panels you choose to install, the level of production can vary, but no matter what kind of solar panels you decide to install, you’re still going to get results from your system. To help our customers, and readers, get a better understanding of how solar panels work, we decided to spend a little time going over how clouds can affect energy production.

Sunlight Still Passes Through the Clouds

Ultraviolet light reaches the earth in abundance even on cloudy days (you’ve probably had a chance to learn about this firsthand if you’ve ever been sunburned on a cloudy day). Several solar cells are being developed that can capture UV rays even though they are not yet on the market. Even with a standard solar panel on a cloudy day, you can produce energy during the day. It’s the same with foggy weather. If you live in a city with frequent fog like San Francisco, you can still produce electricity because of the way solar panel systems work.

A Few Cloudy Days Doesn’t Care to Your Potential for Annual Savings

If you look at how solar energy can save money on your electricity bills, you will likely recognize how much sun you get throughout the year, not on certain days. If you produce more energy than you need, your utility company will check what you have produced throughout the year and calculate how much it will pay you. The good news is that North Texas is a place that is fortunate enough to enjoy quite a few bright, sunny days throughout the year, and this translates into great productivity levels for a professionally installed solar panel energy system.

The “Edge of Cloud” Effect

If you have a solar panel system already and monitor your energy output carefully, you may have noticed a strange phenomenon: on a partially cloudy day, your solar system can produce more energy than you typically have on a sunny day. This is called the “edge of cloud” and occurs when the sun falls on the outer edge of the cloud and sunlight rises. This means that there is a real potential to get even more energy than expected on a partly cloudy day.

Ask Kosmos Solar in Grand Prairie, Texas to Learn More

If you’re thinking about adding a solar panel energy system to your home or business, then the last thing you should be doing is trying to sort through all the information that is available online. Instead of struggling to avoid making mistakes on your own, don’t hesitate to contact our team right away so we can work with you to understand your project goals, expectations, and budget. As a leading name in the solar panel energy system throughout the DFW Metroplex, we’re always ready to work with you to get a system installed the right way.

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